Ariel Josée New Record Release

The music industry has not seen the likes of Ariel Josée in years, this songstress, caught the attention of

Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown and Robin Thicke's music producer, who immediately took to her infectious vocals.

"Not only is Ariel Josée extremely beautiful, she is humble and talented and knows how to deliver a song"  - Tempo Stokes.


What makes Ariel Josée so special is her ability to connect the emotions of a song to the heart of her fans.

Some artists sing songs as part of their obligation, Ariel sings and makes you feel the song. 

Take her latest hit "Body Language", this song takes you on a lyrical journey of love and puts you in the driver's seat. Ariel takes her fans on a lyrical journey.

 Each vocal inflection driving them down every road, peak, and valley until her fans reach a plethora of emotions, all good of course. 


Go to ITUNES today Oct 31st to download the song.  Ariel Josée will be around for as long as she desires.  Fans love her and she knows how to deliver a

song and its content to the masses on a level that is appreciated.  "Body Language" is a return to great music. 

This song will go viral very quickly, you are encouraged to download share and gift the song. 






Instagram: @arieljosee


Twitter:  @ariel_josee